WOMEN AND HEALTH ALLIANCE INTERNATIONAL (WAHA) is a non-profit, non-governmental medical organization based in Paris, France. Since its creation in 2009, it has grown to include 300 staff that have delivered health services and contributed to the improvement of health systems in over 50 countries.

WAHA International is committed to improving access to quality health services for vulnerable communities, in particular women and children, who are affected by conflict and forced migration, public health crises, natural disasters and poverty.

WAHA International is particularly familiar with the plight of refugees crossing the Mediterranean Sea to reach Europe as it is used to providing emergency healthcare in their countries of origin. The organization operates in Syria and Iraqi Kurdistan for example, to provide emergency healthcare to populations driven from their homes by the war and in areas newly retaken from the Islamic State, which were cut off from medical services during the occupation.

Since the beginning of the “refugee crisis”, WAHA International has scaled up its operations to provide maternal, neonatal and primary health care as well as psychosocial and psychiatric support to refugees in order to help them cope with hardship and trauma as they attempt to reach safety. The organization has cared for refugees in host communities or along their migration route in Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, Serbia, Slovenia and Italy.

Investing in life saving measures at sea was a logical step for WAHA International, in line with medical ethics, humanitarian principles and its foundational commitment to caring for the most vulnerable populations.

Operating sar area: Aegean Sea

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